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IBM Cognos Documentation Updated

Over the past few months several new Cognos versions have left the IBM womb. New product documentation came along as well for the following products: IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence IBM Cognos Express

xplore+ CoRePublisher Review: Hands On

This CoRePublisher review is our hands on experience with the xplore+ Cognos Report Publisher. You can read the introduction to CoRePublisher here. The promise is that CoRePublisher is an intelligent and easy to use

xplore+ CoRePublisher Review: Introduction

CoRePublisher stands for Cognos Report Publisher and is a product from xplore+. CoRePublisher is a file ETL tool that uses published reports from an IBM Cognos 8 or 10 environment and re-publishes them on

Performance Tip: Use Static Prompts

If you have any prompts on a report, chances are that they include a time reference prompt variable like year and/or month. In most cases they refer to a time dimension table or similar

Performance Tip: Run Prompts Upfront

Run Prompts Upfront. In most data warehouse environments, data does not change during the day. This means prompt values do not change during that period. So it is a waste of time and server

What happens when you run a Cognos report?

What happens when you run a Cognos HTML report in compatible query mode on a relational data source? Rather a lot actually. The ability to create reports in IBM Cognos that excel in performance

Manage Translations in Framework Manager

Managing translations in Framework Manager can be a bit of a hustle. This post describes a handy way of keeping track of your translations and avoiding frustrating rework. The solution is based on a

Near real-time data in IBM Cognos TM1

Due to its inherent technological design, TM1 is extremely suitable for near real-time applications. The whole TM1 logic builds upon principles like in memory processing, incremental updates and immediate evaluation and execution. These out of the

Installing the IBM Cognos Samples

In this post we describe the installation of the Cognos Samples on an IBM Cognos BI and TM1 platform.  We will describe how to get the following samples working: The Go Sales and Great

Find all the objects in IBM Cognos Connection

Most of the objects used in IBM Cognos BI are organized in a tree like structure in IBM Cognos Connection. Think of folders, packages, reports and agents. But in fact, Cognos Connection contains much