Installing the IBM Cognos Samples

5. Installing the TM1 Samples

The TM1 Samples consist out of a number of *.zip files. Each *.zip file contains all the files for a TM1 Server.

  • Locate the sample TM1 files. These can be found under “\\installationpath\webcontent\samples\datasources\cubes\TM1”.

IBM Cogos 10.2.1 Samples TM1 Cubes

  • Locate and unzip the file.

IBM Cogos 10.2.1

  • Copy the resulting folder to a location that your TM1 server has access to.

IBM Cogos 10.2.1 Unzip TM1 samples

  • Open IBM Cognos Configuration (if you have multiple, make sure you select the right one).
  • Right click “TM1 Server” in the tree and create a new TM1 server called “greatoudoors” of type “TM1 Server instance”.

IBM Cogos 10.2.1 Samples New TM1 Server Instances

  • In the TM1 Server configuration path type the path to the unzipped folder greatoutdoors/datafiles.

IBM Cogos 10.2.1 Samples TM1 Great Outdoors TM1 Server Configuration Path

  • In our folder the tm1.cfg was not pointing to the ../datafiles directory. So we just copied it to the datafiles directory. And then pointed the server configuration path to the datafiles directory.
  • Start the TM1 Server, open IBM Cognos TM1 Architect and verify that the “greatoutdoors” TM1 Server is running.
  • As this is a joint BI/TM1 installation, the tm1.cfg file needs to be adapted to point to the BI environment.
  • Add or adjust the ServerCAMURI parameter and make it point to the dispatcher URI of your IBM Cognos BI environment.
  • Add or adjust the ClientCAMURI parameter and make it point to the gateway URI of you IBM Cognos BI environment.
  • Leave for the moment the IntegratedSecurityMode to 1  and restart the IBM Server.

IBM Cogos 10.2.1 Samples Adopt the TM1s.cfg file

  • Now log in with the Cognos user. This will not work for the moment. Log on with the sample username again (should be admin/apple), go to the security options and make your Cognos user an admin (or other, just make sure that user has at least read rights on the greatoutdoors server components).
  • Now switch the IntegratedSecurityMode to 5 and restart, it should now be possible to log on with the Cognos user and consult the greatoutdoorsserver.
  • Repeat the above steps for TM1 Sample *.zip files and don’t forget to take another portnumber in the TM1s.cfg file. Do at least the as well.

If you have trouble with the TM1s.cfg file or the integrated security, check the manual or this and this post.

6. Create Data Source Connections for TM1

Next step is to make these data sources known to Cognos. So we are going to create the Data Source Connections for it.

  • Go to your Cognos environment and open IBM Cognos Administration.
  • Go to the Configuration tab and select Data Source Connections and click the “New Data Source” icon.
  • In the “New Data Source Wizard” enter the name “TM1_SalesPlan”, make sure this is exact.

 IBM Cogos 10.2 TM1 New Data Source Wizard

  • Click next.
  • Select the data source type, in this case “IBM Cognos TM1”.

IBM Cogos 10.2 TM1 Specify the Connection

  • Click next.
  • Now you have to enter the connection string. Here you have some options. If you have a default setup it’s not difficult.
  • Enter the TM1 administration server name and the name of the server “greatoutdoors”.
  • The sign-on choice will depend on how you want to log on to TM1.

IBM Cogos 10.2 Specify the IBM Cognos TM1 Connection String

  • Test the connection.

 IBM Cogos 10.2 TM1 Test the Connection

  • Finalize the wizard.
  • Repeat these steps for the at least the FinanceFact server with the connection name “TM1_FinanceFact”.
  • You should now have 2 new entries in your Data Source Connection pane in IBM Cognos Administration.

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