Installing the IBM Cognos Samples

8. Installing the IBM Cognos Content Store Samples

If you have executed all the previous steps successfully, you can now import the sample Cognos material into the Content Store. What will work and what not will depend on which parts of the previous steps you completed successfully. Also note that the previous steps did not include all possible samples, e.g. you also have samples for Microsoft SSAS Cubes, IBM DB2 Cubing Services etc.

  • Copy the deployment zip files to the IBM Cognos BI deployment folder. You can find that location in the IBM Cognos Configuration of your BI installation.

IBM Cogos 10.2 Samples Cognos Deployment location

  • Run the import wizard to import the Cognos deployment files.

IBM Cogos 10.2 Samples Content Administration

All done, now you can use the samples. Note that the Framework Manager models and Transformer models are also included in the sample files for when you want to adjust the sample material.

All Parts:

1. Installing the Cognos Samples installation package
2. Restore Go Sales and Go Sales Data Warehouse databases
3. Create data source connections for the samples databases
4. Running the Dynamic Cube Samples
5. Installing the TM1 Samples
6. Create Data Source Connections for TM1
7. Create Data Source Connections for PowerCubes Samples
8. Installing the IBM Cognos Content Store Samples

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