Find all the objects in IBM Cognos Connection

Most of the objects used in IBM Cognos BI are organized in a tree like structure in IBM Cognos Connection. Think of folders, packages, reports and agents. But in fact, Cognos Connection contains much more objects that you don’t see by default, like notifications, messages, dashboard components, etc. All these objects are however also contained in the explorer tree of IBM Cognos Connection.

Just as the visible objects, these are organized in the tree in a hierarchical fashion where the parent object acts as a folder. Think of a package object containing a number of reports (which is BAD practice). In the same way other objects contain their child objects as if they were folders.

The only thing you need is the parent search path en treat the paren object as if it was a folder. How?

1. Locate the search path in Cognos Connection

Go to the properties of an object like an agent or dashboard and copy the search path. This will be something like “/content/folder[@name=’02 Packages and Models’]/folder[@name=’Packages’]”.

IBM Cognos Connection Search Path

2. Compose the URL to consult a folder

To browse to a folder you will use a hyperlink. This hyperlink is composed of 3 parts:

  • The gateway path to your environment, something like “http://servername/ibmcognos/cgi-bin/cognosisapi.dll”.
  • The action path defining what you want to do or see. For a folder this can be “?”.
  • The search path of your target parent object, example “/content/folder[@name=’02 Packages and Models’]/folder[@name=’Packages’]”.

Glued together you get “http://localhost/ibmcognos/cgi-bin/cognosisapi.dll?[@name=’02 Packages and Models’]/folder[@name=’Packages’]”.

3. Examples

 Objects in an Event “folder”:

IBM Cognos Connection Agents and Events

Objects in a Report “folder”:

IBM Cognos Connection Report Prompt Cache

Objects in a Workspace Dashboard “folder”:

IBM Cognos Connection Workspace Dashboard

Cognos Service

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