How to get a Boeing 737 seating plan in Cognos

Since a long time I’ve had this itchy urge to do something more graphical in Cognos. Tables and crosstabs is all nice, but it seems so old fashioned. Today, if you want to get

Enable WebDAV for Cognos using Apache

I don’t know why, but when you install Cognos and you want to use pictures, it’s not available out of the box. You always have to fiddle around with web server settings before you

Creating a simple Framework Manager model

If you are a seasoned Framework Manager user then you will learn absolutely nothing from this post, zero, zilch, nada. If you are new to creating Framework Manager models then this post is a

IBM Cognos BI licensing simplified

This post explains the different licenses of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. Hopefully it can be helpful in choosing the right combination of licenses. This is for version 10.2, but the concept is equally true

IBM Cognos Express licensing simplified

In essence it is simple. You have “User” licenses that define what a user can do, and you have “Manager Connector” licenses, more like a server license for a certain component. If you want

Create an OLAP Cognos Data Advisor Model Definition

In this post we will use a relational data source to create an OLAP model definition in IBM Cognos Data Advisor (yes, that is a meager attempt of SEO). As you will see it

Create a relational Data Advisor Model Definition

That’s a big mouthful of words. Given that your data source is prepared properly it is rather easy. But in the same take I will add that my conclusion is that I will keep

Prepare an Excel file as ODBC source for Data Advisor

OK, IBM Cognos Express Data Advisor (…) is advertised as the easy way of connecting to your data. Forget complex Framework Manager models, just grab any source, process it with Data Advisor et voilĂ ,

Internal or External BI Knowledge?

Lately I had a conversation with a potential customer for a BI project in IBM Cognos. Everything went well just up to the last moment. And then suddenly the guy comes back to me

Change the IBM Cognos log on screen (Performance Tip)

Ok, I admit, I am bored. So bored that I started to wonder if it would be difficult to change the background of the Cognos log-on screen. I imagine a team of IBM psychologists