What’s new in IBM Cognos BI 10.2.1 (Part 2/2)

If you missed part 1, you can find it here: What’s new in IBM Cognos BI 10.2.1 (Part 1/2)

For the Modeler

IBM Cognos Framework Manager

The facts are the facts. Four new governors are available when using DQM to control the performance and execution of queries:

  • Context sensitive join selection: Controls the computation of join paths for a query in a star schema grouping that does not contain a fact. 
  • Local cache policy: Controls the level of queries for which reusable cursors are created.
  • Cursor mode: Controls how long the resources required by a query are retained before they are released.
  • Master-detail optimization: Controls whether detail query caching occurs for a relational master-detail query.

What's new in IBM Cognos BI 10.2.1 Framework Manager DQM Governors

Two new properties, Transaction Access Mode and Transaction Statement Mode, are available to specify whether a data source is accessed in read-only or read/write mode for a query subject that is based on a stored procedure. This was already possible when using Event Studio, now also in all other studios.

IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes

The Dynamic Cubes story with IBM Cognos 10.2.1 is a story of gaining maturity. Nothing mind boggling, mostly things you just expect. Now they are included.

  • Period aggregation is added, much like in Transformer. You can now use first, last and current period aggregations.
  • A new security setup is available where security rules can be stored in a relational database on a more granular level. This applies now for member level security, dimension security and member attribute security. If the cube structure doesn’t change the cube doesn’t require a restart when security rules change. Still no TM1 though.
  • The process to build and generate a dynamic cube is slightly optimized. The auto-design feature should work better and make better use of data sampling for generating hierarchies. A new performance issues tab is included to identify potential performance issues.

There are also improvements on the manageability of dynamic cubes. Within Cognos Administration you can now manage, monitor and configure all dynamic cubes available in the Cognos environment. And from within the administration console it is also possible to deploy dynamic cubes that are mirrored across multiple report servers for load  balancing purposes. Oh and Metadata from IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Cubing Services can be imported.

IBM Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer

Nothing really new, but the aggregate advisor now also works when you run BI via HTTPS.

IBM Cognos Transformer

Nothing really new either, but the encryption algorithm to encrypt passwords has been changed. I really would like to know the story behind that one. Models are updated automatically, but there is no backwards compatibility, which seems logic by the nature of the change.

For the Administrator

In general 10.2.1 includes multiple small fixes and improvements that should have a positive performance impact on report and query generation. Next to that there are some specifics worth knowing.

The Gateway

When you install a 64-bit Cognos version, the 64-bit version of the gateway is installed by default, so no manually moving around of files anymore.

My Folders

My Folders can now be deployed and saved on an individual user basis. This is much easier then saving and deploying the complete content store. Next to that, the My Folders can be archived. This is done by adding a repository connection to a namespace (folder) and then add the My Folders to the content archival task.

Multi Tenant

New features for managing multi tenant environments are available and can be managed from Cognos Administration.

  • Deployment and removals should be easier and have more options to include content like share public content.
  • Default account profiles can be linked with a specific tenant
  • Kill active sessions on tenant level
  • Export of usage and content store data linked by tenant

External Object Store

Report output can now be stored on a drive outside the content store. The idea behind this is improved performance for the action on the Content Store itself, I presume.

What did not change?

Thus far it seems that Cognos Insight, Cognos for Microsoft Office, Event Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Metric Designer and Studio, Map Manager and PowerPlay did not change in any way. So the effort went where it was most needed, except for Map Manager, I really would like some easy to use interface for spatial aware reporting and analytics with fancy visualizations (read about our seating plan fiasco).


The above basically discussed the changes and new features, but let’s not forget that this release also includes a rather substantial list of bug fixes that can be found here on the IBM website: IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 Fix List


Well actually it’s already at the top of part I of this new feature overview. Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below.

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