xplore+ CoRePublisher Review: Hands On

This CoRePublisher review is our hands on experience with the xplore+ Cognos Report Publisher. You can read the introduction to CoRePublisher here.

The promise is that CoRePublisher is an intelligent and easy to use file ETL tool to publish IBM Cognos reports to other file management systems. We used version 2.2.5 and tested the publishing capabilities from an IBM Cognos 10.2 platform to a Windows folder and to Microsoft SharePoint 2013, both to a directory and a list. CoRePublisher was installed on a client machine running Windows 7 and SharePoint was installed on MS Windows Server 2008 R2. You can download a fully functioning trial at the xplore+ website. The below describes step by step what we did, so you can judge for yourself.

IBM Cognos BI Output Directory

CoRePublisher is lightweight in the sense that it does not connect to Cognos Connection nor the Cognos Content Store directly. It makes use of Cognos report output folders to monitor and pick up reports. So you need to publish your reports to an output destination. This has the advantage that CoRePublisher has no direct impact on the Cognos server resources, as you would run the reports anyway. The only adaptation required is to configure the reports to be published and this is standard Cognos functionality.

This can be done via the advanced report run options, manually or via a (scheduled) job, with the “Save to file system” option.

 xplore+ CoRePublisher Review Save Cognos Report to File Sytem

Multiple output locations can be chosen for different (groups of) reports.

xplore+ CoRePublisher Save Cognos Report to File Sytem Locations

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